July 26, 2021

2021-08-06 | 21:50:18

"We’ve only been in our new build for a few months and after a ton of rain there was a HUGE sink hole above one of our drain field, I spoke to Gina and she assured me this was common with new septic systems and would simply need to be backfilled. She even took the time to look up the type of system we have to confirm this wouldn’t be an issue. She was super nice and helpful I will definitely be calling them when our tank needs pumped."
July 10, 2021

2021-08-06 | 21:50:27

"I was concerned my septic tank was near to overflowing. We had never had it pumped out over the 15 years we have had it. I kept putting it off because I thought it would be at least $1000. When I called Septic Technologies, I spoke to Gina. She was awesome. I didn't know how awesome she was until the tech came out. I told her what my concern was (hearing noises in the shower drain when flushing the toilet), she said it was probably time to have my tank pumped (google said that also) and that the filter might be broken. She said it's very rare to have a new tank go without pumping for over 10 years so it was important to not put this off. While making it clear that the cost could not be guaranteed until the tech actually looked at it, based on what I told her, the age of the system, the fact it had never been pumped, it would need to be pumped and have the filter replaced and it would cost me approximately $700. She broke the cost down for me - so much per hour, so much per gallon, filter cost, etc. and, if I paid by credit card what the fee would be. Of course, the next day, the pipes stopped gurgling and I wondered if I couldn't put this off for a couple more weeks but I decided to trust Gina's worries that the tank could overflow at any moment. Gilberto was the tech who came out. As for his work, he found the covers, cleared the dirt covering them (and put it back the way it was when he left). When he opened the cover, I could see the "stuff?" had actually covered part of the filter and was higher in the tank than it should be. Gilberto pumped the tank, cleaned and checked the filter. He said it didn't need to be replaced yet and that would save us $100. He checked the tank and said it was in good condition (no cracks, etc.). He wrote a detailed invoice of his work and suggestions. He suggested we have the tank pumped again in 3-5 years based on our situation and gave us a box of treatment packs but told us Rid-X was fine to use (that's what I had been using and I had a full bottle). Gina was spot on. She was right in urging me to have this done as soon as possible. She was right about what the problem was. She was exactly right on the cost - experience can not be overstated here. Gina was polite, professional, friendly, experienced, patient and clear in her explanations and in answering my questions. (Turns out she is actually the owner's wife.) Gilberto was friendly, professional, quick but thorough. He answered my questions and explained everything to me. He did the work that was needed and didn't do what wasn't needed. When I told him I was very pleased and I was glad I hadn't even bothered to look further than google reviews, he told me how much he enjoyed working for his company because they were honest and fair with their customers and their employees. He said he felt valued by them. I will continue doing business with this company and I will recommend them (and recommend people don't wait to pump their tanks) every chance I get. I trust them completely."
June 30, 2021

2021-08-06 | 21:50:37

"I was so impressed with not only with Gina in the office, but Martin and Efren's quality of not only service, but their knowledge! I called Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday morning they were there and gone. They answered all of my questions, explained everything in a way that made sense and cleaned up as if they were never there. They were amazing! I not only will use them again, but I will recommend them to other people. Thank you Septic Technologies!"
June 10, 2021

2021-08-06 | 21:50:47

"Absolutely Awsome. Little pricey but definitely worth it keep up the customer service guys"
May 10, 2021

Kristy Gosney | 2021-05-03 18:19:43

"Gilbert and Chris were absolutely wonderful. Did the job and took the time to explain everything they were doing. I very rarely leave reviews but had to on this one. I would very highly recommend Septic Technologies."