February 23, 2023

Septic clean and inspect

"Jacob and Gilberto showed up early. I felt sorry since it was raining on and off. My tank was overfull and the filter was clogged so things looked pretty bad. They cleaned it up and got it done quite quickly. They were quite professional as well. This is the second time I've used their services. I would definitely use them again. "
January 5, 2023

2024-01-10 | 16:54:51

"Septic technologies inc is Old school hard working know your business kind of people! I've dealt with many septic companies over the years. I won't call anyone else after using them on this last project. I can't give enough positive accolades about this company. It started with the 1st phone call Is with Kailee To schedule a septic tank evacuation for a client. Kailees Knowledge base was impressive by itself. Cordial polite and very professional. When can you actually call A company and the 1st person that answers the phone not only knows the business but knows it very very well! I could go On just about Kailee herself. Now let's get into Gilbert and Jacob who came out to perform the work. Two very respectful, thoughtful, hard working and Is driven young men. They followed another company that was just out a month before that Did a horrible job. Gilbert and Jacob went the extra mile to Make sure the tank was cleared as it should be. If that was it I would have still appreciated their hard work. As Paul Harvey would say, here's the rest of the story. We had a very unique problem That called for the true extra mile. They attempted to snake the The leech line coming out of the septic tank. When they weren't able to get The snake to go into the line they literally dug all the way to the line. This was in the most difficult of circumstances. They were actually working on a septic tank that was covered by a concrete patio. At no point did they get discouraged. They worked as hard as one could for 5 hours. Not for a second did they think they could just pawn off the problem Because it wasn't in there exact scope. They had a great attitude the entire time no matter how difficit was.. I've been in the Is construction business for almost Is 40 years now. From Front office 2 to field work, Septic technologies is an old school company. Customer service, professionalism, respectfulness and Expertise is what this company is all about. Mr. Kirkpatrick, You have a fine company. I'm impressed with everyone I worked with. For everyone to be so good at their job you must be one h*** of a boss! Thank you very much, until the next project."
November 15, 2022

2024-01-10 | 16:54:50

"Awesome company and great work will be recommending this company to everyone that has a septic system thank you the crew was awesome"
November 9, 2022

Wow what an eye opener !

"Gilerto and Livan came this morning and they were early! You don't see that anymore it was nice to have the company be here on time . Boy where they knowledgeable. These guys were the best I hope they are the ones that always come I will be using this company from now on. Thanks Guys see you in a couple years ! "
July 22, 2022

2024-01-10 | 16:54:49

"I knew that my septic was inspected by them on the house I had just purchased so I called and I was given so much useful information about my system. It was extremely helpful and I will continue to use them."