November 27, 2019

Dan Larimer

"Called them first thing on a Monday morning, they told me they were busy from the weekend but she would try to get someone available. She called me thirty minutes later and told me Kevin would get there. Kevin showed up at eleven. It was very pleasant to have someone prioritize my emergency, most places would have just put me on a waiting list. Kevin was very knowledgeable and fast. Would definitely use them again. Definitely a five star experience."
May 15, 2017

Lisa Powers-Vayda

"As a Realtor in the West Valley, I have worked with Kevin and Gina on my Septic Inspections since I became licensed in 2005. I can trust that the work will be done correctly, honestly and in time for my clients."
March 21, 2017

Lauren Semancik

"I was in need of a septic inspection and was in a hurry to have it done as a different company had cancelled on me. The two technicians came out right on time and were very polite, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions without getting frustrated with me at all! They went even a step further when my system failed and they knew I was in a hurry so they sent another truck out to work so they could do the repair."