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Pump and Clean Your Tank Every 3 Years

Proper operation and maintenance is critical to the success of your septic tank. Your tank should be cleaned every three years to keep things running as smoothly as possible. We are reliable, trustworthy and the members of our staff prides themselves in customer service and being knowledgeable in on-site waste water treatment systems. Our honesty and integrity toward the job has made a name for us in the society.

Are you planning on selling your home or purchasing a home with a septic system? Anyone selling or transferring ownership of a property served by on an on-site wastewater treatment facility must retain a qualified inspector to inspect it within six months prior to transferring ownership.


The inspector will complete a Report of Inspection form for each system on the property.


Before the transfer date (closing date) of the property, the seller shall provide the buyer with the completed Report of Inspection form and any other documents in their possession that relate to the permitting or operation and maintenance of the septic tanks systems or alternative on-site wastewater treatment facility. The buyer must retain these forms after receipt.


Within 15 calendar days after the date of property transfer, the buyer shall submit a complete Notice of Transfer form for the change of ownership and file it with the applicable agency indicated in the Notice of Transfer instructions. Information from the Report of Inspection form is needed to fill out the Notice of Transfer that must be submitted

by the buyer.

Buying or selling a home?

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Septic Technologies Inc. will send you a reminder letter when it comes to pumping and cleaning of your septic tank.

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don't give a ton of thought to what goes down your drain. But if you rely on a septic system to treat and dispose of your household wastewater, maintenance is critical.


A failing septic system can be expensive to repair or replace. If your system fails, any inadequately treated wastewater is released into the environment. Contact with untreated waste can pose health risks, and untreated wastewater can cause property values to decline.

Maintaining your system

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